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03 November 2010

Random #1: IT'S DECORATIVE GOURD SEASON, MOTHERFUCKERS. (oldie but a goodie)

Random #2: My horoscope for November (yeah it's silly):

"The planets are sending you two different messages as November opens. On one hand, you have Mars now in Sagittarius giving you remarkable favor and pushing you to go, go, go at great speed. Mars will make you impatient, but you need to resist moving so fast. Jupiter, your ruling planet, whose job it is to take good care of you, has been retrograde (and therefore asleep) since July 23. If you feel like nothing is happening fast enough for you, that would make sense, but that situation won't persist for long. Jupiter will turn on full power on November 18.

You need to wait until Jupiter regulates its orbit, for Jupiter is the giver of gifts and luck and also has dominion over profits and financials of a new venture. If you rush to sign papers, or set the date of a major launch of a product or service, while Jupiter is retrograde, your endeavor will be capped at a lower profit potential for its life. You are so close to November 18! Just keep your shirt on!..."

Guess this is as good excuse as any to put off making decisions for a few weeks?
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