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17 December 2010

Disappearing Even More Plus plans from T-Mobile

If you have the new Nexus S or other unlocked phone, get a plan while you still can. The Even More Plus plan I'm on is $59.99/month for 500 minutes, unlimited text, unlimited 3G Data with no contract(!). Read my actual chat with a customer service representative this evening:

Thank you for choosing T-Mobile. A representative will be with you shortly. You are now chatting with Bob (names changed to protect the innocent).
Bob: Welcome to T-Mobile online sales support, how may I help you with your purchase today?
You: hi; so the even more plus plans are gone from the website?
You: i have an unlocked nexus S and a sim card, but there are no plans to sign up for online without a contract?
Bob: I am delighted to answer that question for you. The plan is gone from the website because it is slowly being phased out.
You: ah okay; but it's $10/month cheaper than any other tmobile plan
Bob: That is correct.
You: so is the price of the normal plan being reduced too?
Bob: That I don't have the information to at this time.
You: will existing even more plus plan subscribers have to change their plan?
You: or if i sign up now will i get that plan?
Bob: You will be able to go into the nearest T-Mobile store to be able to get the plan. It doesn't require a contract and no activation fees.
You: great; but you said it's being phased out; do you know when I will no longer be able to go to the store in person to sign up for even more plus plans?
Bob: At this very time, I don't have the exact time of when it won't available anymore.
You: okay thanks
You: one last question
Bob: Ask away.
You: Have you met Catherine Zeta Jones?
... long pause ...
You: have a good night ;)
Bob: You as well.
Bob: Thank you for choosing T-Mobile. Have a great day. We value your feedback, please click on the "End Chat" button to provide us your views on your chat experience today.

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