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14 January 2013

Birthdays happen every day

"Oh my god, you have the same birthday as so and so!"

It happens every day!

Think of people you know (living or dead), lower bound:
  • You (1)
  • Your significant other (1)
  • Your parents (4)
  • Their parents (grands) (8)
  • The family pet (1)
  • Your combined siblings (2)
  • And aunts and uncles (4)
  • Their children (cousins) (8)
  • Friends from high school you still know (5)
  • Friends from college you actually talk to (5)
  • Coworkers you hang out with sometimes (5)
  • Neighbors you don't avoid (3)
That's already 47 people. There's a 95% chance that two people in your immediate circle have the same birthday.
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