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07 January 2013

Computers are hard to use

I've used this beautiful "Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite" for a decade and buy them in 5 packs.

Horrible name aside, it's really comfortable for me and what I prefer over Goldtouch and Kinesis.

I've been using the Windows key as the Mac "command" key for a long time. The problem is that it's in the wrong position: the option and command keys are swapped. I've gotten used to this and now it's deep in my muscle memory.

More recent versions of OS X let you remap this (without some crashy third-party extension) so you can make it behave like an Apple-manufactured keyboard. I've been putting off this change for a long time, but in the spirit of new year's resolutions I'm giving it a go. While I'm at it I'm also changing my mouse scroll direction to natural, which makes everything feel upside down.

Anyways, the point: I feel like such a newbie today! I can barely type. Computers are hard to use.
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