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11 March 2013

On DDos

Good comment:
General practice in the industry is not to discuss the details of attacks publicly.

As much as it sucks, the rule of thumb is that you need every advantage you can get when it comes to being attacked. You gain little by talking about these kinds of things publicly and stand to lose much (by giving away how you're mitigating the problem, for example, possibly leading the attackers to adjust their attack). It's just generally safer not to.

If you are someone who runs a web site, once you hit a certain size where you have to worry about DDoS attacks you will certainly have the kind of industry connections where you can talk about the issue privately and get help and/or help someone. Below a certain size you just don't generally have to worry about it -- and if you do get attacked, the response will mostly be done by your provider as there's not usually a lot you can do if you're just a few servers.

The main selling point of CloudFlare and is they will handle DDos for you.
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