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12 May 2013

First world pants

I've talked about my preference for first world goods previously. The gist of it is, I want to buy things made by people who have the same rights and freedoms that I do. I've managed to find great first world sneakers, shoes, tees, hoodies, shirts, and more. The missing bit has been a decent pair of jeans.

There's a place in SF called Self Edge that, for no real reason, I always assumed was snooty and bullshit. They also have a store in NYC, and I stopped in with a friend on a recent trip, putting my skepticism aside. That day, Kiya Babzani, the store's founder, happened to be in the NYC shop. We talked for a while and it turns out he's a rad guy. It made me realize that Self Edge isn't snooty, it's border-line Otaku. What they sell is mostly made in Japan, where the car/motorcycle/rockabilly subculture has co-opted classic American manufacturing and brought it back to life.

Which brings us to the pair of pants I bought. Check out the well-executed, overly descriptive, not-quite-but-still-is-Engrish on this tag (e.g., "vintage sleek"):

Anyways, these pants are great. They're sturdy enough that they identify them by weight more than anything. I figure they'll last five years, probably more, justifying the cost to me (it helps that the Yen is super weak right now). Contrary to popular belief, you're supposed to wash them frequently.

If you're still skeptical, try reading this two part interview with the founder. I enjoy things that people are passionate about, like bikes, to the point of being obsessive. The Flat Head and Self Edge pass the test. I stand corrected. And now I have a nice pair of first world pants.
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