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06 September 2013

Commentary from Disagreeing with Bruce Schneier: More Crypto is Not the Answer:

We cannot and should not be living in digital fortresses any more than we are living in physical fortresses at home. Our homes are safe from thieves and from government not because they couldn’t get in if they wanted to but because the law and its enforcement prevents them from doing so. All we have to do is minimal physical security (lock the doors when you are out).
Please repeat after me: Surveillance is a political and legal problem, not a technical problem.
What we need to get back to is a political and legal system where when you use reasonable effort to secure your communications (and that should include using the mobile and cloud systems of companies such as Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Apple) you have a reliable protection of your civil rights.

Maybe that works domestically, but what about advanced persistent threats beyond the NSA, like this one? No legal or political system is going to protect against being hacked by foreign governments using similar methods to the NSA. Right?
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