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15 December 2013

Now available in digest form

I'm starting an email newsletter of my site's best posts: original writing, links for programmers, etc. You can subscribe here. My goal is to send one email every 2 weeks, 25 emails a year. My other syndication will remain live, of course.

Yes, starting a newsletter feels old school! I've heard people liken email to the fax machine. But I find myself subscribed to more email newsletters today than ever before. The best is Bruce Schneier's legendary Crypto-Gram. I thoroughly enjoy LWN.net's Weekly Edition, the EFFector, PBS' Mediashift Daily Must-Reads, and others.

I like newsletters because they're curated, they have a common thread, they're limited in scope, they lead with headlines, they work on my phone and often offline. Somehow newsletters feel the most personal of all the options for staying in touch. I considered a weekly RSS feed, a Twitter account, and even a subreddit for this purpose. It just didn't feel right.

The goal of my newsletter is to provide my best stuff in the easiest to consume format. This should be the best way for us to stay connected, short of me faxing or mailing you twice a month.

(PS: I miss Google Reader Shared Items so much)
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