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25 February 2014

Saw this behavior today:

>>> mimetypes.guess_extension('text/plain')


Behold, mimetypes.py, a gem from the Python standard library:

def guess_extension(self, type, strict=True):
    """Guess the extension for a file based on its MIME type.

    Return value is a string giving a filename extension,
    including the leading dot ('.').  The extension is not
    guaranteed to have been associated with any particular data
    stream, but would be mapped to the MIME type `type' by
    guess_type().  If no extension can be guessed for `type', None
    is returned.

    Optional `strict' argument when false adds a bunch of commonly found,
    but non-standard types.
    extensions = self.guess_all_extensions(type, strict)
    if not extensions:
        return None
    return extensions[0]

If there are multiple possibilities, return one at random. In this case, a Korn Shell script.
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