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02 October 2014

Custom faces for smart watches

After some initial misgivings about Android watches, I've been having a lot of fun with Facer, a $1 app that lets you customize your watch face. There's a built-in library of faces:

And Facer allows you to create your own. People are getting really deep into this. There's a whole site called FaceRepo dedicated to hosting people's creations. There's also an official and very active subreddit just for Facer users. People are doing silly things like recreating the Mickey Mouse watch and Rolexes.

Of course I had to try this out, even though I'm not a big watch person (this is the other watch I own). I made a bunch of middling faces to learn how to use the tool and figure out what's possible. For a few days there I was obsessed with tweaking my designs. It's pretty fun! Here's the best minimalist face I could come up with. It's called "Monoid". You can get it here.

Facer is totally worth the $1!
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