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06 February 2015

Video version of Effective Python

I'm working on a LiveLesson video version of Effective Python. I stopped by the Pearson office in San Francisco to start recording.

They have a lot of books in the office!

Here's the audio booth where I'm making the screencasts:

I wrote a Sublime Text plugin for the code demoing part of the video. As soon as I save a file it synchronously runs the Python script, sends its output to a file, and then immediately reloads the other pane to show the result. Here's an example video of it in action:

My favorite part is that I have two key commands: one for Python 3 (the default) and one for Python 2. It runs the code out of the same buffer. This makes it really easy to show the differences between the versions and how little is required to apply the advice from the book to either environment.
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