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04 May 2015

Please vote for my EuroPython talk and others!

I submitted two talks for EuroPython this year (July 20-26 in Bilbao, Spain). They've just opened voting to existing ticket holders. If you've already bought a ticket, I'd really appreciate your vote on one or both of my talks! (You can also buy a ticket here). You should also take the time to vote for the other submissions you like. There are a lot to choose from!

To vote, first you need to login following this link. Then you can view the talk index, visit the talk pages directly, read the abstracts, and click on the voting stars on the right side of the page:

My two talk proposals are based on the content from my book, Effective Python. You must be logged in or else these proposals will look like dead links:

These will be in the same style as the talk I gave at PyCon 2015 this year, but the content will be completely different. Hopefully they'll end up accepting whichever of my talks that has the highest rating. Thanks in advance for your support!
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