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24 February 2016

Link roundup #1

"You, me, every software developer out there, right now, is creating legacy software."
All Software is Legacy

"... Einstein: an expansive human consciousness that could form a concept so far beyond the experimental capabilities of his day that inventing the tools to prove its validity took a hundred years."
Letter regarding the first direct detection of gravitational waves

"Services should only log actionable information."
"Services should instrument every meaningful number available for capture."

Logging v. instrumentation

"sketch-rnn was able to generate a variety of Kanji that do not exist, but resemble somewhat the way Kanji are supposed to be written."
Recurrent Net Dreams Up Fake Chinese Characters in Vector Format with TensorFlow

"What makes Go successful?"
"My answer: Simplicity."
Simplicity is Complicated

"I'm going to explain just why Swift's String API is ... the best string API out there in terms of its fundamental design."
Why is Swift's String API So Hard?
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