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05 March 2016

Link roundup #2

"... People shouldn't think that async/await as synonymous with asyncio, but instead think that asyncio is a framework that can utilize the async/await API for asynchronous programming."
How the heck does async/await work in Python 3.5?

"At a high level, there are two reasons why you might want a lock in a distributed application: for efficiency or for correctness."
How to do distributed locking

"The Simpsons is one of greatest television comedies of all time and we hope that having ready access to the perfect screenshot will make people laugh and remind them to rewatch their favorite episodes."
Frinkiac - The Simpsons Screenshot Search Engine

"There are at least 5 distinct things we mean when we say 'technical debt'."
Towards an understanding of technical debt

"I could easily imagine writing a program that calls the LLVM AST construction functions until it's described a program, and then directs LLVM to emit an exe. I would basically be writing software with no compiler."
No Compiler
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