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19 March 2016

Link roundup #3

"If you follow the tips in the official porting howto, then you can port your code file by file and simply do it slowly so that the problem at least stops growing for you."
How to pitch Python 3 to management

"In this series of articles, I want to show the way OpenGL works by writing its clone."
How OpenGL works: software renderer in 500 lines of code

"We can change the way people debug software, and in its own way that may be as important as my Web platform work, and it's work I desperately want to do."
Leaving Mozilla (to work on rr)

"Why do people sometimes discuss "the stack" like it's some kind of revered fundamental object?"
What is "the stack"?

"As a result, investors will change their lens from focusing solely on revenues and growth to also look at unit economics and burn rate. Founders will begin to make changes in core operating principles and resource allocation that might impact the lives of hundreds or even thousands of dedicated employees, vendors and customers. And ultimately, stronger companies will result. Don’t get me wrong, evolving from a unicorn into a cockroach will be extremely painful — but just like Mark Watney on Mars, the sooner you realize the situation on the ground has changed, the more time you have to “science the shit out of the problem” and succeed."
First Round Capital's letter to their Limited Partners
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