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09 April 2016

Link roundup #4

"Anyone who interacts with process has a choice. You can either blindly follow the bulleted lists or you can ask why. They’re going to ignore you the first time you ask, the second time, too. The seventh time you will be labeled a troublemaker and you will run the risk of being uninvited to meetings, but I say keep asking why. Ask in a way that illuminates and doesn’t accuse. Listen hard when they attempt to explain and bumble it a bit because maybe they only know a bit of the origin story."
The Process Myth (2013)

"You can think of this functionality of triggering computation based on database changes as being analogous to the trigger and materialized view functionality built into databases but instead of being limited to a single database and implemented only in PL/SQL, it operates at datacenter scale and can work with any data source."
Introducing Kafka Streams: Stream Processing Made Simple

"Consider being lost in an endless desert. If you see an oasis in the distance, you head towards it even if the water is brackish and has camel dung floating in it. Bernstein et al are the oasis (or perhaps the mirage of an oasis), in an endless desert of cryptosystems and implementations of cryptosystems that keep breaking. So the (pending) Bernstein monoculture isn't necessarily a vote for Dan, it's more a vote against everything else."
On the Impending Crypto Monoculture

"The opportunity cost of email makes a postage stamp look cheap."
How to send and reply to email

"Caravel is a data exploration platform designed to be visual, intuitive and interactive."
Caravel (by Airbnb)
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